Wanderer dinghy rudder bush

This is me being fussy – I know – but I don’t really like wood bearing on steel bolts. Thus I wanted to put a bush into the rudder plate to act as a bearing. I was going to use acetal/Delrin but this is tricky to bond to the rudder blade, so I used iroko instead. While this is still wood it is very tough and pretty much waterproof. It can also be epoxied to the rudder blade.

Setting up the rudder blade for drilling

Making the iroko bush

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Kitchen tap replacement – making an adapter

Replaced a tap in the kitchen this week. The old tap leaked and it wasn’t possible to fix it. It should be a straightforward job but as usual there were issues…

The main issue was that the hole in the worktop is too big for the new tap – the edge of the tap would only overlap the hole by about 1mm. Not enough. So I made an adapter from acetal/Delrin.

Starting the job in the lathe

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