Thorn Me’n’U2 tandem triplet review

I’ve had the Me’n’U2 for a few weeks now, so time for a review.

As I’ve mentioned before one key reason for buying the bike was Robin Thorn’s huge enthusiasm for it. Another key reason was the first rule of boat owning – you’ve got to like the look of the thing regardless of how practical it is.

Overall the bike does the job very well. The kids love it – they feel secure and enjoy riding it. At this time of year (late November in the UK) it is hard to get opportunities to get the kids outside and exercised; this bike makes it easier. It can also replace car travel to some extent.

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Arkana tulip table repair

We’ve got an Arkana tulip table. Nice thing – very second hand and a bit battered but practical and nice to look at.

However there isn’t much structure in it – the skin is the only thing holding it together and that is just plastic – no fibreglass reinforcement. This obviously works – the table has lasted around 50 years – but in the summer the base cracked. When this happens it isn’t obvious – there is a loud noise but the table remains mostly stable and it was a while before we found the crack.

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Oar repair

The oars supplied with the Wanderer (Custard) are 6′ long. Much too short for good rowing but easy to stow and thus fast to access. As described elsewhere fast access turns out to be the most important requirement for oars – for fendering off and close manoeuvering when things go wrong.

I have another set of oars supplied with the green boat (Owl). These are 6′ 6″ but I haven’t used them much:

  • They are too long for the low gunnels and high thwart of Owl – it is hard to get the blades out of the water.
  • The handle of one is damaged.

However they are a very good fit into Custard and the extra 6″ will help with rowing. So a bit of tidying up was in order.

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