Archtop Pineapple Ukulele Part 2

Some steps forwards and some steps back.

I destroyed the 3018 CNC router by trying to fit a more concentric collet chuck to the spindle. This moved the motor bearings. Given how problematic this thing has been I’m reluctant to spend more money on it.

So I’ve been trying to do the plates by hand. On the whole this has been more successful than using the CNC, given the CNC’s habbit of self destruction taking the wood with it. By hand is almost as fast and less liable to destroy the workpiece. I’ve been using a large gouge bought second hand on EBay plus a plane I made myself.

Bending the sides using bending iron (hair curlers)

I’ve bent the sides round the mold – this was easy enough. Hair curlers work very well! I did it in two sections, leaving it overnight clamped to the mold to dry out.

Sides bent around the mold, drying in clamps

With this done I could take a look at the overall shape – I think it works.

Trying the plates on the sides to see what it looks like
Looking promising – lots of work still to go
Getting the shape of the neck/peghead join with a gouge

I’ve started finishing off the neck. I have been putting this off but it needs doing now. I’m going to try the system for the classical guitar in Guitarmaking – Tradition and Technology by Cumpiano and Natelson. This fits the sides directly into the neck – no block and no dovetail. I can’t see why it wouldn’t work but I guess I’ll probably find out… So the next stage is get the neck finished completely.

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