Relining Viola Case – Part 2 – Progress

I’m part way through the lower part of the case.

The first thing you’ll notice is the fabric – it isn’t the fabric I said we were using last time. I washed that fabric and it came out very hard and abrasive. Cue frantic searching for an alternative. This is the softest fabric I could find – a Velour Polar Fleece. It is also a bit stretchy which makes lining easier. I was hoping for something more purple and less lilac but it should be ok.

I tried spray contact adhesive but that didn’t seem to work at all. Copydex seems fine, although I’m not using it in ‘contact’ mode for the most part – it is too hard to get the fabric positioned correctly.

I’ve still got to add the tie-down strap at the base of the neck. The problem is that there isn’t really anything to attach it too. The foam in the case had a ‘crust’ when it was first injected giving a bit of strength, but that was ripped off with the original fabric. What I’ll probably do is run the strap under the fabric, maybe with something to spread the load a bit, and rely on the fabric to hold everything together.

Once the lower part is done I’ll figure out how to do the top. It is much flatter so should be significantly easier. I might even put the new fabric over the top of the old fabric.

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