DIY Sopranino Ukulele Part 7 – Getting ready for back

More general prep on the sides. I’ve got the sides planed down to thr right height.

Sides planed down to flush with the blocks
Cutting the linings from an old Ikea shelf

I made the linings about 3mm wide (bit that is in contact with the top or bottom) and 4mm high (bit in contact with the side). I didn’t want them too big – they would restrict the movement of the top if too large.

Jig for kerfing the linings on the bandsaw
Cutting the kerfing using the jig
Kerfed linings

I did have to bend the linings with the bending iron (hair curlers) and water – trying to do it without just resulted in the linings snapping.

Linings drying after bending – I’ll glue them tomorrow

Still having lots of fun with this project!

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