DIY Sopranino Ukulele Part 4 – Body again

I’ve made a mold for the body from scrap plywood. It is slightly more complex than usual because the body sides are twisted near the neck – the top and bottom are different shapes. Hopefully the sides will blend into the neck.

Mold with the back lines marked out

The mold isn’t a thing of beauty but should do the job.

Using a belt sander to form the taper at the neck joint
Adjustable temperature for the ‘bending iron’ (hair curling iron)

Bending the sides was pretty easy – wipe with wet rag and bend over the iron. I tried to get them so they fitted without tension on the mold. As they dry and cool down they do tend to change shape so I tied them to the mold so they would hold their shape better.

Sides bent to shape
Wrapped up with ribbon – I couldn’t get to the string at the point I needed it!

I’ve also cut out the block for the tail and neck joint.

Blocks for tail and neck joint

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