Wanderer Dinghy – Mast Step Repair – Part 3

I’ve cut some more bits of wood. There is:

  • A big block cut from a fench post – possibly Larch. This provides somewhere for the screws to go and takes the vertical force into the old plywood hog (which I cut a section out of).
  • A top plate that is split into front and rear halves. Since the tabernacle is glued in, it isn’t possible to get the top plate in in one piece. The top plate transfers the side-to-side force into the new ribs.
  • A couple of fiddly little bits to block up the remaining hole in the front buoyancy tank.
Big block and rear top plate
Careful shaping of the joint between front and rear halves of the top plate to allow it to be slid into place
Both halves of top plate fitted
Fiddly bits to block up the hole in the buoyancy tank
Old mast foot GRP will be fitted on top of the ply

I still need to clean up the old GRP and make some wood to fit underneath it. Then it will be ready for epoxying back together.

2021-05-06 Update:

Epoxied together. Hole into buoyancy tank sealed.

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