Free-standing mast: Aluminium tubes delivered

Mast, yard and battens

I ordered aluminium tubes for the main mast, yard and battens a couple of days ago. They arrived today. We’ve got:

TubeWeight (kg/m)Yield moment (Nm)
Main2 3/4″ x 10swg1.851840
Topmast2 1/2″ x 16swg0.86810
Yard2″ x 16swg0.68509
Battens1″ x 18swg0.2591

Amazingly the topmast/strengthener actually fits perfectly inside the main tube!

Perfect fit

TBH I wasn’t expecting this to fit due to the tolerances on the tubes, but I figured that it was worth ordering as it wasn’t expensive and I could use the tube elsewhere. Now need to work out how to put it all together. I may still add wood to the mast – we’ll see.

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