Wanderer dinghy rudder

In a previous post I added an iroko bush to the rudder. I also wanted to reinforce the leading edge and bottom of the blade. My blade was showing scuff marks where it had hit things.

I initially tried putting fibreglass tape and epoxy onto the leading edge:

Fibreglass tape covered in West System epoxy

The problem was that it looked horrible – probably due to my inexperience with fibreglass tape. The rudder is very visible and I want it to look nice.

I sanded the epoxy and fibreglass off the sides of the rudder. I was going to sand off the edge too, but left that until last, so I ended up with a thin bead of epoxy and fibreglass along the leading and bottom edges. This looks fine so I’m leaving that in place and varnishing over the top.

Leading edge of fibreglass and epoxy, with first coat of varnish

This is a very labour-intensive way of getting to the end result, but overall I’m happy with it. It remains to be seen how robust it is – but hopefully it will be more robust than the previous thin wooden edge.

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