Boat trailer trolley ramps

It wasn’t easy to load and unload the launch trolley from the road trailer before I replaced the suspension units, but now I needed to fix the issue.

I made some ramps to fit under the launch trolley wheels. These have a flat section so that the trolley can disengauge from the trailer, and then a ramp to lower the trolley to the ground. Made from old timber recycled from something else (look closely at the pictures to see the odd holes!)

The timber was 1.8m long, so the ramps have a 600mm flat section plus a 600mm incline which means I get two sides out of one piece of timber.

The ramps work very well – it is now very easy to get the trolley on and off the road base. I’m not sure how well they’ll work on rougher ground but we’ll see. They are screwed together so they will be easy to change.

I’ve also made a couple of simple chocks to stop the road trailer rolling towards the launch trolley. Altogether it is now easy and low-stress to get the trolley on and off the trailer.

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