DIY Sopranino Ukulele Part 4 – Neck taking shape

Marking the corners and taking them off

I used the method suggested by Ben of Crimson Guitars where you mark & take the corners off, then mark the new corners and take them off. This is also the way to make a wooden mast for a boat. Worked well – I used a gouge to remove material.

Most neck shaping done

I have hit issues with the larch. There is one knarly area of grain near the heel block that tends to rip out, plus the dark areas are much harder than the light areas which means the surface becomes scalloped given half a chance. However, with care I think I’ve worked round these issues. I do love the grain despite the ‘Ikea’ look – by chance the grain on the heel block lines up with the grain on the neck.

I’ve still got to trim the headstock but I’m waiting for the tuners so I can check everything will fit. I’m not going to add veneer to the front – this one will be kept as simple as possible.

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