Cleat board assembled

I’ve finally got the cleat board painted and assembled:

Top cleat is a bit tight against the grommet but it fits!

I’ve also drilled the holes for the deck grommets (in gaps in the rain).

Template worked well. However the gelcoat has some damage so I might need to make a bezel.

I’ve started painting the woodwork under the deck. Really horrible job. Sanded everything down and put the primer onto the cross-beam. Couple of coats of undercoat and one of top (white) to follow. I’m using Weathershield wood paint – it is truly impressive on wooden windows and I’ve got some tins of it.

We’ve even managed to get some sailing! Here’s a photo of the crew in a fun event at our club. Waterpistols are encouraged! We came last – partly because things like lunch were higher priority than winning the event. The kids got medals which pleased them enormously.

Lastly the bits for the sail have arrived. Nice thing about having a yellow boat is you get to buy bright colours for the sail!

Relax – only one panel of the sail will be yellow. The rest will be white.

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