Wanderer deck reinforcement for free-standing mast

I’ve got the deck reinforcement in. Horrible job, working in a tight space with no room to move my arms and epoxy dropping on me. But it is in. Phew.

Cross-member in Douglas Fir. Note the boat isn’t symetrical!
Elegant taper achieved with power plane
Cross-member epoxied in place to the tabernacle extensions

There is an awkward gap in the structure between the cleat mount in front of the cross-member and the longitudinal stringer in front of that. To bridge that gap I made a bit of reinforcement.

Reinforcing plate for cleat
Reinforcing plate epoxied in

You can also see the GRP panels that close the underside of the breakwater.

Still to go:

  • Drill the holes for the cleat;
  • Make some grommets for where lines pass through the deck and control-line-cleat-board;
  • Varnish bits
  • Assemble
  • And then I can start on the sail…

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