Mast is up! (Sort of)

Real progress. Got the turning block fixed to the tabernacle:

Secured with self-tapping screws through at top and bottom

I’ve made a (rather rough – don’t look too closely) pivot. This has threaded holes so that bolts can be screwed in from either side to avoid making a big hole in the back of the mast

Pivot is held on with worm-drive hose clips

With the pivot in place the mast went up!

A bit precarious as the tabernacle isn’t fixed in place…

Makes me very happy to see. I also tried it with the topmast in place – easy to lift up and fix in place – but I didn’t risk getting out of the boat for a photo. That can wait until things are more solid.

I also discovered that the main mast fits inside the boat from bow to transom:

Pure chance but rather useful

This will make transporting easier, and raising the mast will simply require sliding it back over the transom until the pivot pins can go in. Neat!

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