Wanderer centreboard replacement

There is definitely a trick to getting the centreboard in or out while the boat is on its trailer. So before I forget (and to remind me next time) this is how it went back in…

I’d established that the acetal bush I made last time was a bit short – ideally it should be a snug fit. But it isn’t easy to measure and I didn’t want to make lots of prototypes. So I made my own internal gauge:

Two screws in a bit of wood – sophisticated measuring technology

I could push this in from the bottom of the slot, line up one of the screws with the centreboard pivot hole and adjust the screw until I got the right fit – not too tight, not too slack. Then take it out and measure the gauge.

The pivot bush needed to be a smidgeon under 27mm

I then make up a new bush to 26.8mm.

I also needed some washers for the end of the bolt to keep the water out. I cut these from some sheet neoprene with a new scalpel blade.

Making centreboard sealing washers

Now to fit it all…

The first thing to do is make a bit more space under the boat for the centreboard to slide into. I can (just) lift up the boat on each side to put a block under the bilge runners.

Blocks in place – keel off the support

Next job is remove the keel support.

Keel support coming out

Now the centreboard can be slid in from the top. Note that the acetal pivot bush can’t go in from the top – the centreboard slot tapers and the top is too narrow. So I needed to block up the boat at the front so I could drop the front of the centreboard enough to get the bush in from underneath.

In it goes…
Front of boat blocked up so pivot bush can go in

A bit of jiggling to get everything aligned and it is all in place!

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