Simpler Wooden Mast

Here’s an idea for a simpler wooden mast:

ItemHeight above heel (m)Notes
Heel060×60 square
Partners0.5790×70 rectangular
Boom0.9380×70 rectangular
Square1.570×70 square
Circle base2.470 diameter
Top5.640 diameter

This mast uses rectangular sections at the base to provide the strength. It gradulally transitions to square section, then circular sections when possible. The rectangular and square sections next to the sail aren’t ideal – the junk rig works better on a circular section mast as this allows the sail to rotate freely. However this design would be easier to make.

I’m not going to show the strength calculations here. If you want more detail please ask!

Weight isn’t too bad. Adding up the weight of each mast section we end up with 10.3kg.

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