Bass pickup

The bass ukulele now has a pickup. I drilled a hole in the back to install it.

Making a big hole in the back

The hole was just big enough to get my hand inside the case. I installed a SilenceBan pickup with 3 piezo transducers from EBay. It seems to work fine and is certainly loud – no preamp required.

I had to play around with the transducer location a bit. Moving the transducers away from the bridge towards the ‘f’ holes produces a nice woody sound but makes the system extremely sensitive to feedback. I ended up with the transducers close to the feet of the bridge.

1/4″ socket installed in the case. The position seems to work fine.
Transducers – two on the bass side, one on the treble side. You can also see (L to R) the soundpost, the through-neck with cheap pine reinforcement and the bass bar. Oh, and lots of glue runs. Oops.

Does it work? Overall yes. A double bass / bass guitar / bass ukulele is low and this needs decent speakers. I tried it with a guitar practice amp and it sounds pretty horrible. Best sound is via the hifi into DIY Kapelmeister speakers – sounds rather nice 🙂 There can be rather a lot of sound from fingers hitting the string and of course feedback is always a risk.

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