DIY Sopranino Ukulele Part 2 – Sides

Thanks to Khai Nguyen on YouTube for the suggestion of using hair curling tongs for bending the sides.

Thinning the sides

I cut two more strips on the bandsaw and thinned them down. They were slightly too narrow to use for the bottom of the uke so I used them for the sides. Thinning the sides takes a while but gets there in the end. I’m aiming for 2mm thick.

My partner’s curling tongs were generously donated for the project so I needed to try them out.

Bending the sides
More-or-less right. Tweaking should be easy enough.

Stuff still to do:

  • Get the top thinner – it is currently about 3mm and I’d like it to be around 2mm, maybe slightly less.
  • Make the bottom, including joining the sides together.
  • Get the sides exactly the right shape.
  • Make neck and tail block, then glue sides together.
  • Make neck and headstock.
  • Make fretboard.
  • Make linings to join sides to top and bottom.
  • Start putting everything together!

Quite a lot to do but there is no deadline so it really doesn’t matter when it happens 🙂

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