Progress on the telescope focusser

Adding the screw-driver slot

Finally made some progress on the telescope again. It has been about 2 1/2 years…

Honestly – I need to get this project done to get it out of the workshop and clear some space for other projects. It also has the merit of being unimportant – it really doesn’t matter whether it happens or not – and that makes it relaxing to do.

Anyway – I’ve finally made all the focusser pins. They are pretty simple and secure the ball bearings that provide the running surface of the focusser. I can now see that the eyepiece tube doesn’t run along the correct axis – something was out of alignment when I machined the ball bearing mounts – but it is probably close enough. I can always re-make the relevant bits in another few years…

Ball bearings in place

Next step is to get the other half of the focusser done – the bit with the axle and knobs that move the focus point.

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